AGENDA NetEye & EriZone User Group: Don’t miss this year’s exciting topics!

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VAG Museum St. Peter © Archiv Freunde der Nürnberg-Fürther Straßenbahn e.V.

The future holds major challenges, which are going far beyond standard monitoring. Internet of Things, E2E Monitoring, SIEM, Network Discovery and Anomaly Detection are keywords that are gaining increasing importance in modern enterprises. Under consideration of these actual trends, we now defined the final agenda of this year’s NetEye & EriZone User Group, which will take place on 23rd march in Nuremberg:

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Open Source assures flexibility for the integration of SMS monitoring notifications

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Integration existing sms gateways to open source monitoring

Icons by Dod Cosmin / CC BY 3.0 and Icons8 / CC BY-ND 3.0 

In this article, I would like to underline two main advantages of our open source IT system management solution NetEye, which regard the sending of SMS monitoring notifications.

  • High flexibility for the integration
  • Possibility of sending notifications even in case the monitoring system itself is not responding

However, let’s get one step back: As you know, open source solutions allow the communication with various notification gateways as i.e. SMS gateways, and so does NetEye. Such gateways can be connected over the network or directly to the monitoring appliance. In this context, the open source character of NetEye provides two main advantages:

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How to Tune Your Grafana Dashboards

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Grafana Tuning

Grafana and InfluxDB have been integrated to our IT System Management solution NetEye. This step was motivated by the high flexibility and variability offered by the combination of the two open source tools. Besides modules such as Log Management, Inventory & Asset Management, Business Service Management and many others, NetEye now offers also an IT Operations Analytics module. In this article, we will share some tricks with you, so you can enjoy even more of the power of Grafana when experimenting with the new Grafana dashboards in NetEye.

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How to send monitoring notifications to Telegram or Microsoft Teams

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The conventional thing in a monitoring environment is to notify problems to your staff over E-Mail. Other than E-Mails also SMS are a very common notification type. But is this all we can offer to notify people about problems in our IT?

Obviously, there is more than that. Two very handy examples are:

  • Notifications over the Telegram App (CLI)
  • Notifications over the Office 365 Web API (Microsoft Teams)


As you are most probably aware, the WhatsApp-similar application “Telegram”, allows you to send messages to your contacts, groups and also channels. Other then WhatsApp, Telegram has an installable command line interface (CLI) through which you may script the sending of messages from a computer. You have to download and install the Telegram binaries on your monitoring server. After that, you define the notification command in the monitoring in this way:

Host Notification: telegram-cli -W -e "msg $CONTACTEMAIL$ Host '$HOSTNAME$' is $HOSTSTATE$ - Info: $HOSTOUTPUT$ - Time: $SHORTDATETIME$"


Obviously before being able to do this, you have to register your monitoring host as a Telegram sender (the same as you would do it on your smartphone). For this you can use the same phone number you use for sending the SMS’s.

NetEye Telegram Notifications

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Optimize your daily usage of our solutions – Trainings Calendar 2017

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Würth Phoenix Trainings 2017

Do you have already implemented NetEye, EriZone or Alyvix and would like to deepen your knowledge regarding our solutions and to know the latest features?

Are you already familiar with our solutions, but desire to further exploit the vast functionalities?

Are you planning to implement our solutions in your company and want to get information about their operative handling?

For our partners and customers we are offering a targeted training program that responds to the needs and the individual prior knowledge of the participants. During the training sessions, our trainers provide practice-oriented insights in the fields of IT system monitoring, IT service management and end user experience monitoring.

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Save the Date: NetEye & EriZone Usergroup 2017 in Nuremberg

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VAG Museum St. Peter © Archiv Freunde der Nürnberg-Fürther Straßenbahn e.V.

Thursday, 23rd March 2017 from 10.00 AM – 5.30 PM

We are proud to invite our customers to the upcoming NetEye & EriZone usergoup. This year too, the main focus of the event will lie on the projects implemented at our customers’ IT environments. Take this opportunity to get to know details about the latest releases of NetEye and EriZone and to actively participate to the definition of new features.

When and Where:

  • Thursday, 23rd March 2017 from 10.00 AM – 5.30 PM
  • At the  historic tramway depot “St. Peter” in Nuremberg, our host is our valued client N-ERGIE Aktiengesellschaft >>Maps
  • Register now by simply writing an email to

Gain a foretaste of this year’s talks:

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EriZone 5 has been released!

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New Release Notes EriZone5

EriZone has evolved over the last years, becoming a comprehensive Service Management solution to address enterprise requirements.

The most significant enhancements of the latest version regard the areas of Service Level Management and Service Catalogue Management, as well as the introduction of new functionalities to automate and reuse processes and activities. Besides technical extensions, the graphical user interface was completely redesigned resulting clearly structured and more easy to use.

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EriZone 3.6 has been released!

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service management and process automation


  • Filtered ticket-view for service owner, manager and service watcher: service owners can see only tickets opened of services on which they have the owner role.
  • Restricted company-ticket-view to available services: customer can see only tickets relative to services they were enabled to. [more details here]
  • Filter services shown to agents: realize multi-tenancy based on services.
  • Add service link to CIs in CMDB.
  • Activity Sequence Management: it is possible to link activities to each other creating activity sequences [more details here]
  • Budget Management Enhancements: budget templates have been introduced in order to allow fast budget structure creation. [more details here]
  • Enhanced approval process with simple approval from mobile device.
  • Mechanism to propagate dynamic field values from parent- to child-tickets and vice-versa
  • TicketAggregatedTime report enhancement: now it is possible to select opening or closure date and to restrict the report to selected queues.
  • CMDB interface enhancements: SIM Card interface.
  • Dynamic ACL to hide activities for processes with open children.
  • Allow follow-ups for closed tickets for a certain time period.
  • Agent notification follow-up article type: follow-ups sent from agents by email can be set as internal and not visible to customers. [more details here]
  • Tickets created from a follow-up of a closed ticket can now have the same queue, service and type set.
  • Change the customer of a ticket depending on a dynamic field value.
  • JIRA interface: now it is possible to create JIRA issues starting from EriZone tickets. All changes to a JIRA issue will be tracked in the corresponding EriZone ticket.
  • New generic agent that notifies for tickets created outside of working time
  • New generic agent that sets the priority of tickets for customers in selected groups (VIPs)
  • New process transition action “ChildTicketCreate” to create child tickets with a variety of parameters to change customer, create specific articles, copy fields from the parent ticket, start a process, etc. It allows e.g. a simpler creation of authorization processes.
  • New process transition actions useful for process management:
    • Set ticket creator as owner
    • Lock and set owner
    • Copy dynamic fields from a child ticket to its parent
  • Enhancements for dynamic fields from DB and ITSM dynamic fields
  • New dashboard for parent tickets with closed children and a counter of open children.
  • Possibility to translate services on the customer web portal

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Efficient management of support requests and authorizations by using child tickets

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Parent Child Tickets EriZone_new

In EriZone, processes that require the involvement of multiple responsible persons and different competence centers are often implemented by using the concept of child ticket.

Child tickets are independent tickets that are created from and linked to their so-called parent tickets. Depending on the specific use case, it is possible to copy data and properties (as for example title, service, ticket type or customer) from the parent ticket, or to newly set them for the child ticket. The special linking guarantees that the parent ticket cannot be closed before the closure of all linked child tickets.

Why using child tickets, if it were possible to move a ticket back and forth among the queues of the involved competence centers until it can be closed?

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Marry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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At this special time of year, we give thanks for your trust and loyalty.
May the new year bring to you health, happiness and success.

We think about those who are facing the difficulties of a tragedy, by giving our donations to support the Red Cross in the reconstruction of the areas in Central Italy, recently affected by the earthquake.​

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Preview EriZone 3.6: Follow-up Agent Notifications

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Internal notes on tickets

In many cases, agents who are working on a certain ticket need to discuss about the actual issue with other colleagues. EriZone 3.6 that will be shortly released allows adding private notes to a ticket. Since, such notes are for internal use only and of no interest for the customer, they are visible just to the agents logged to the system.

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How to Create a GLPI Plugin

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Plugins are used to extend and modify the functions of GLPI. In this tutorial, we will see how to create from scratch a GLPI plugin for cloning Computers . This tutorial presumes that you have basic knowledge of GLPI.


  • GLPI <= 0.85

1. Creating a new plugin

Localize the installation folder of GLPI. In our case /var/lib/neteye/glpi. Inside it, you will find the folder plugins/ in which all GLPI plugins are installed.

Now we create a new folder within plugins/ and call it clonecomputer. Within clonecomputer we create the file setup.php.

<? # /var/lib/neteye/glpi/plugins/clonecomputer/setup.php

 * Get the name and the version of the plugin - Needed
function plugin_version_clonecomputer() {
   return array('name'           => "Clone Computer",
                'version'        => '1.0.0',
                'author'         => 'Davide Bizzarri',
                'license'        => 'GPLv2+',
                'homepage'       => '',
                'minGlpiVersion' => '0.85');

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